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brain damage


, Pathology.
  1. injury or harm, congenital or acquired, to the tissues of the brain resulting from inadequate oxygen supply, trauma, or other cause.

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  • brain-damaged adjective

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Example Sentences

We know that brain damage—for instance, what happened to your brother—can change someone’s personality.

With all their systems slowed and chilled, brain damage is postponed and the cellular need for oxygen is diminished.

In her early 20s, after a brilliant academic career, Gallen was diagnosed with encephalitis, which left her with brain damage.

For example, female athletes show more widespread brain damage after concussions than do male athletes.

Others might be temporarily stunned, left with a broken limb, or suffer permanent brain damage.

I took the opportunity to point out that many of the players in the upcoming slate of games would wind up with brain damage.

Turmeric could have important abilities in healing and preventing brain damage—or this could be an aberrant finding.

MRIs recently showed that Liam was suffering from brain damage due to frequent seizures.

Brain damage to the centers responsible for this can also cause hypernatremia.

The synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on Spice can lead to severe psychosis, brain damage, strokes, or even death.

If the enfeeblement is due to failure of development or brain damage Senile Insanity.

The three scientists who have fallen victim show the same signs of brain damage.

Some had floated to the back of the socket and posed a special risk of brain damage, the doctor explained into her camera.

“No additional brain damage,” Doctor Pete said, swimming into view.





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