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or brain case

[ breyn-keys ]

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Word History and Origins

Origin of braincase1

First recorded in 1735–45; brain + case 2

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Example Sentences

The study is primarily based on the morphology of the teeth, face, and braincase that this species has been compared with more recent human fossils.

The creature’s beak, braincase, and talons were studied using geometric morphometric and finite-element analyses, tools that allowed the team to determine the shape and strength of the bird’s features.

They’re hoping to understand how modern birds developed the ability to move the upper bill relative to the braincase, which is known as cranial kinesis and allowed them to manipulate a wider variety of food.

These layers have also yielded remains of fire pits, burned animal bones, scorched tortoise shells and four Neandertal fossils — a piece of a leg bone, two teeth and part of a braincase.

In crocodiles and their relatives, the roof of the mouth, or palate, is fused to the braincase.

In young females the width of the braincase is more than the distance between the alveoli of the incisor and first molar.

Skull: Size medium; braincase well inflated; zygomata strong, moderately appressed to cranium.

Skull: Large; zygomata strong and arched; braincase well inflated.

Skull: Smooth and rounded; braincase inflated; zygomata strong.

Skull: Large; braincase well inflated; zygomatic arches strong and slightly appressed to skull.





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