[ breynd ]


  1. having a particular type of brain (used in combination):

    small-brained dinosaurs.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of brained1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; brain, -ed 3

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Example Sentences

At least one group of jumping spider species plans out strategic attacks involving elaborate detours to reach a target — the kind of clever hunting behavior typically ascribed to large-brained mammals like actual tigers.

The big-brained Erectus soon gave rise to even larger-brained species.

All human lineages were getting bigger-brained over the last few million years, not just the lineage that led up to us.

As brains got bigger, babies needed more, and their ever-larger-brained parents had more creativity to fulfill those needs.

Stocky, big-brained hominids such as Neandertals needed chest cavities arranged in this way from birth to accommodate lungs large enough to meet their energy needs, the scientists contend October 7 in Science Advances.

McConnell can presumably fob this off on his Beltway-brained consultants.

So Murdoch, cold-blooded and lizard-brained, knows he must preserve his own position while somehow ensuring a peaceful succession.

See a timeline of their hare-brained schemes—including sticking credit cards to their foreheads—and assorted misdemeanors.

He’s just finished shooting a remake of Absolutely Fabulous (that hare-brained, alcoholic ‘90s Britcom).

The Republican Party seems to have been brained by a heavy cloud followed by an equally heavy sky-blue shape.

It was no brash idea, no hare-brained impulse concocted in one's cups, perhaps.

The bishop and his episcopals can not be hair-brained enough to seek to restore old conditions and assail our liberty.

Did I not hear that hare-brained youngster declare this evening that money was made round that it might roll.

“He is crack-brained, and calls himself the King,” she murmured.

The same act which would proclaim their own treachery would deliver into our hands this hare-brained adventurer.