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/ ˈbrɑːntʃɪŋ /


  1. physics the occurrence of several decay paths ( branches ) in the disintegration of a particular nuclide or the de-excitation of an excited atom. The branching fraction (nuclear) or branching ratio (atomic) is the proportion of the disintegrating nuclei that follow a particular branch to the total number of disintegrating nuclides

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Example Sentences

All these talented chefs are graduating from these old-guard kitchens and branching out and the market is saturated.

Branching tunnels disappeared into the darkness, studded with chiseled rock chambers.

Spore, another spinoff, taught players about the randomly branching paths evolution can take.

After dropping out of FIT, Oliver focused on his brand, branching out into sweatshirt design and ready-to-wear.

Dwyane Wade Launches Sneakers: Basketball superstar Dwyane Wade is branching into fashion, with a new Wade lifestyle brand.

It is an important advance when the branching lines are set in a bunch-like arrangement at the extremity of the arm-line.

Whenever a herd reached a branching valley, a big bison led off a small herd.

It was about a foot high with branching leaves and a fine feathery white flower.

The shore line is broken by bays and branching creeks, often cutting off islands from the mainland.

While I was watching, a herd of deer, headed by a fine stag with branching horns, came down to the water to drink.


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