/ ˈbrænsən /


  1. BransonRichard1950MBritishBUSINESS: entrepreneur Sir Richard . born 1950, British entrepreneur. In 1969 he founded the Virgin record company, adding other interests later, including Virgin Atlantic Airways (1984), Virgin Radio (1993), and the Virgin Rail Group (1996): made the fastest crossing of the Atlantic by boat (1986) and the first of the Pacific by hot-air balloon (1991)

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Example Sentences

Their solidified friendship is one of the most touching details of the premiere, but it also puts Branson in a tricky predicament.

“We would love to finish what we started some years ago,” Branson told journalists at a news conference with notable hesitancy.

The Branson School holds an elite reputation in tony Marin County, charging around $40,000 a year for tuition.

Be that what it may, Branson himself saw another value in his company other than its technical achievements.

The Princess and her mom, Fergie, have been guests on Branson's private Necker island in the Caribbean.

Beside him lay a vacant timber claim, and he invited a young man named Dow to take it, Dow boarded with Branson.

They sent threatening letters to Branson, and cut timber on Dow's claim; and this made bad blood.

Here were some timber claims, and here resided Jacob Branson, a peaceful and harmless free State man.

Buckley swore out a peace warrant against Branson—he swore that his life was in danger.

It is presumed that somebody thought he ought to be shot, but it was as great a calamity to Lawrence as was the rescue of Branson.