[ brant ]
/ brænt /

noun, plural brants, (especially collectively) brant.

any of several species of small, dark-colored geese of the genus Branta, especially B. bernicla, breeding in high northern latitudes and migrating south in the autumn.

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Origin of brant

1535–45; short for brantgoose, brentgoose; akin to Old Norse brandgās, German Brandgans

Also called brant goose; especially British, brent, brent goose.


[ brant ]
/ brænt /


JosephThayendanegea, 1742–1807, Mohawk Indian chief who fought on the side of the British in the American Revolution.
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/ (brænt) /

noun plural brants or brant

US and Canadian a small goose, Branta bernicla, that has a dark grey plumage and short neck and occurs in most northern coastal regionsAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): brent goose
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