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[brak-see]Veterinary Pathology
  1. Also called bradsot. an acute inflammatory disease of the intestines of sheep, caused by a bacterium, Clostridium septicum.
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  1. affected with braxy.
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Origin of braxy

1775–85; back formation from braxes (brax for bracks (plural of brack, Old English brǣc rheum; akin to break) + -es plural ending)
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Examples from the Web for braxy

Historical Examples

  • The Gipsies were not spared of braxy, of which they were fond.

    A History of the Gipsies

    Walter Simson

  • Braxy, however, may arise from other and more obvious causes.

    A Treatise on Sheep:

    Ambrose Blacklock

  • "But for me, my wumman, ye'd hae been braxy ere nicht," she told it as it departed bleating.


    John Buchan

  • Thousands of sheep have died on the prairies from braxy, induced by exposure and miserable forage.

    Domestic Animals

    Richard L. Allen

  • "Very curious," thought Montaiglon, making poor play with his braxy ham.

    Doom Castle

    Neil Munro

British Dictionary definitions for braxy


  1. an acute and usually fatal bacterial disease of sheep characterized by high fever, coma, and inflammation of the fourth stomach, caused by infection with Clostridium septicum
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Word Origin

C18: of unknown origin
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