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verb (used with object), brazed, braz·ing.
  1. to make of brass.
  2. to cover or ornament with or as if with brass.
  3. to make brasslike.
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Origin of braze1

before 1000; Middle English brasen, Old English bræsian; see brass


verb (used with object), brazed, braz·ing. Metallurgy.
  1. to unite (metal objects) at high temperatures by applying any of various nonferrous solders.
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Origin of braze2

1575–85; < French braser to solder (MF), burn (Old French) < Germanic; compare Swedish brasa, Danish brase to roast; see braise
Related formsbraz·er, noun
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Related Words

glue, linger, fix, stay, attach, remain, catch, hold, paste, solder, fuse, weld, cleave, hug, join, bind, clog, cement, snag, jam

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Historical Examples

  • Cut the hole for the steam dome, and let him braze it on at the same time.

    How to Become an Engineer

    Frank W. Doughty

  • The heat in the tongs will melt the silver and braze the two parts.

  • "And in the army—our poor little army," added General Braze.

    Truxton King

    George Barr McCutcheon

  • To braze the seams of a model boiler would require a forge fire, or a very powerful gas blast—too expensive for the amateur.

  • Now bring the flame to bear on the joint you wish to braze, having first supplied plenty of borax.

British Dictionary definitions for braze


verb (tr)
  1. to decorate with, make like, or make of brass
  2. to make like brass, as in hardness
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Word Origin

Old English bræsen, from bræs brass


  1. (tr) to make a joint between (two metal surfaces) by fusing a layer of brass or high-melting solder between them
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  1. the high-melting solder or alloy used in brazing
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Derived Formsbrazer, noun

Word Origin

C16: from Old French: to burn, of Germanic origin; see braise
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Word Origin and History for braze


"to expose to the action of fire," 1580s, perhaps from French braser "to solder," in Old French, "to burn," related to brese "embers" (see braise). Related: Brazed; brazing.

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"to make of or cover in brass," Old English brasian "to do work in brass, make of brass," from bræs (see brass). Cf. glaze from glass.

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