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break away

  1. Stop doing something, as in She broke away from work long enough to go out for lunch .

  2. Leave hurriedly, escape, get loose. For example, The boy tried to break away, but his mother held onto his coat , or On the last lap the horse broke away from the pack . [First half of 1500s]

  3. Sever connections with a group. For example, It was hard for me to break away from that organization, but I knew it was necessary .

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Example Sentences

The crowd began to lurch violently, as small motions rippled out into panicked attempts to break away.

They are attached to the wings on pylons and under any impact will break away.

Like the wings, the tail surfaces—horizontal and vertical—easily break away from the fuselage and float.

In most coming-of-age novels, the protagonist wants to break away from a world that is holding him down.

In the past several weeks, a few male reporters have boldly told me they enjoyed the sequel, a break away from the herd mentality.

And it is quite true that the particular employer can no more break away from these limits than he can jump out of his own skin.

Frank sprang after him and caught the reins before the startled creature could break away.

The incident, however, gave Darry a chance to break away from the insistent Belle.

McGinty was growling, while Joe was trying to break away without losing an ear.

But that night when he was struck down, the blows seemed to break away the connection between the present and the past.