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break out


  1. intr, adverb to begin or arise suddenly

    panic broke out

  2. intr, adverb to make an escape, esp from prison or confinement
  3. intr, adverb,foll byin (of the skin) to erupt (in a rash, pimples, etc)
  4. tr, adverb to launch or introduce (a new product)
  5. tr, adverb to open and start using

    break out the champagne


  1. an escape, esp from prison or confinement
    1. a great success, esp following relatively disappointing performance
    2. ( as modifier )

      a breakout year

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Example Sentences

You were thrilled to see this magnificent woman break out of this one horse town.

Night was the first one to really break out and make a movie at that level but what happened afterwards?

Another said just the act of spending money on self-improvement made him determined to break out of his shell.

Instead, break out a form-fitting garment — think skinny jeans or a curve-hugging dress.

Sporadic riots and fires did break out later during the festival.

You know I don't express myself easily; so, if I break out this way, you may know what I feel.

Sometimes he looks at me as if he were going to break out with that crazy idea to which he treated me the other day.

The visit you pay only interrupts a domestic quarrel which awaits but your departure to break out afresh.

Strikes and labour riots now and then break out, and the Spanish anarchist is not unknown.

The war on which the insurgents counted when they thus captured the Bishop did not break out.