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[ brey-kij ]


  1. the act of breaking; break; state of being broken. break.
  2. the amount or quantity of things broken: break:

    There was a great deal of breakage in that shipment of glassware.

  3. an allowance or compensation for the loss or damage of articles broken break in transit or in use.
  4. the money accrued by a racetrack from calculating the payoff to winning pari-mutuel bettors only in multiples of dimes for each dollar bet.


/ ˈbreɪkɪdʒ /


  1. the act or result of breaking
  2. the quantity or amount broken

    the total breakage was enormous

  3. compensation or allowance for goods damaged while in use, transit, etc

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Other Words From

  • re·breakage noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of breakage1

First recorded in 1805–15; break + -age

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Example Sentences

That thickness may have been an adaptation to keep embryos safe in a hot and dry climate, or as a way to prevent breakage when the eggs were buried under mounds of wet soil.

However, a core breakage in multi-touch attribution or media mix modeling presents a far more complicated challenge for Google moving forward.

From Digiday

Not everyone who has low bone density will develop osteoporosis, but the condition does make bone breakage more likely and increases the risk for progression to osteoporosis.

When the hair is wet, it swells and becomes prone to breakage.

As with other types of ice picks, it’s important to pick a harder material like steel to ensure effectiveness and prevent breakage.

So raucous did the celebration get that City Tavern took the unusual step of sending along a bill for “breakage.”

It's not delirium tremors and chromosome breakage and only a small number of users would be seriously harmed.

Frequent straightening can damage black hair and cause breakage.

Thurstane took the lariat, inspected the breakage carefully, and scowled with helpless rage.

Never strike a fish hard with the fly, either on gut or hair, if the latter, a breakage is almost sure to follow a violent jerk.

It is excellent discipline, and as the tumblers are inexpensive the breakage really does not matter.

The blade is a frail instrument, and when too great a pressure is exerted it bends, and as a result a breakage follows.

The oil expenditure, the breakage of glass chimneys, the consumption of stores, the meteorological records—all must be noted.


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