[ bretht, breeth d ]
/ brɛθt, briðd /

adjective Phonetics.

not phonated; unvoiced; voiceless.
utilizing the breath exclusively in the production of a speech sound.

Origin of breathed

1875–80; breath + -ed3 or breathe + -ed2

Definition for breathed (2 of 2)


[ breeth ]
/ brið /

verb (used without object), breathed [breethd] /briðd/, breath·ing.

verb (used with object), breathed [breethd] /briðd/, breath·ing.

Origin of breathe

1250–1300; Middle English brethen, derivative of breath


Related forms

out·breathe, verb (used with object), out·breathed, out·breath·ing.pre·breathe, verb (used with object), pre·breathed, pre·breath·ing.

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/ (brɛθt, briːðd) /


phonetics relating to or denoting a speech sound for whose articulation the vocal cords are not made to vibrateCompare voiced

British Dictionary definitions for breathed (2 of 2)


/ (briːð) /


Word Origin for breathe

C13: from breath
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Idioms and Phrases with breathed


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  • breathe easy
  • breathe life into
  • breathe one's last

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