/ (briːst) /

  1. a Scot word for breast

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How to use breist in a sentence

  • He was a brave sodger, but he wasna long fechtin' in France till he got a bullet in his breist.

    Huntingtower | John Buchan
  • I saw them move backwards, slow they moved, and my heart stood still in my breist.

    The Disentanglers | Andrew Lang
  • But aboot that word—I've heard ye say yirsel' frae the pulpit as how hell is a maist awfu' feelin' i' the breist.

    St. Cuthbert's | Robert E. Knowles
  • Verra well, dinna ye think as hoo yon Irish whelp I skelpit the day 'll hae a waesome feelin' i' his breist?

    St. Cuthbert's | Robert E. Knowles
  • Think o' yir son win-nin' the Victoria Cross, wumman, an' ye 'ill see it on his breist.