[ broo-is, brooz ]

  1. hard bread soaked in water and then boiled.

  2. such bread, with pieces of fish added, served as a meal.

Origin of brewis

First recorded in 1520–30; earlier brewz, brewes, apparently blend of bree “broth, juice” (Middle English bre, unattested Old English brēo, variant of brīw; cf. brei) and browes, Middle English broys “broth, soup,” Old French broez (nominative), broet (accusative), equivalent to bro (from Old High German brod broth) + -et -et

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How to use brewis in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for brewis


brevis (ˈbrɛvɪs)

/ (ˈbruːɪs) /

noundialect, mainly Northern English, Canadian and US
  1. bread soaked in broth, gravy, etc

  2. thickened broth

  1. (bruːz) Canadian a Newfoundland stew of cod or pork, hardtack, and potatoes

Origin of brewis

C16: from Old French broez, from broet, diminutive of breu broth

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