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[ brij-iz ]


  1. Calvin Black·man [blak, -m, uh, n], 1889–1938, U.S. geneticist.
  2. Harry (Alfred Bryant Ren·ton) [ren, -tn], 1900–1990, U.S. labor leader, born in Australia.
  3. Robert (Seymour), 1884–1930, English poet and essayist: poet laureate 1913–30.


/ ˈbrɪdʒɪz /


  1. BridgesRobert (Seymour)18441930MEnglishWRITING: poet Robert ( Seymour ). 1844–1930, English poet: poet laureate (1913–30)

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Example Sentences

In 2016, the bodies of Lowe and Bridges finally emerged from the glacier they’d been trapped in.

“Everybody who didn’t want the shot is literally appalled by the fact that it got FDA approved,” Bridges said Tuesday, arguing that the FDA had rushed to approve the shots despite evidence of their waning efficacy.

“It’s like you’re being forced to do this, whether you like it or not,” said Bridges, who has attracted support from hundreds of donors on GoFundMe.

Welker and Bridges threatened to expose Hunt’s son’s conviction — promising to place copies of the arrest record in mailboxes throughout Wyoming.

The Suns get a 16-point bump because we expect more minutes for Paul, Booker, Ayton, Bridges and Crowder in the postseason, but that’s not nearly as large as the bump received by other teams.

Together, they crossed over the International Bridges on foot into Juarez to conduct some business.

“Ovens using gas cylinders were set up to make bread under bridges, and nursing stations appeared, offering medicines,” he writes.

Next, the GOP should hammer away at how our roads, bridges, and tunnels are crumbling, and push for an infrastructure initiative.

But as much energy as Mark seems to have put into making friends in high places, former co-workers say he also burned bridges.

The children in these stories then went on to injure themselves by falling off of old bridges or cutting themselves.

The Gentleman's Magazine contains a long list of the bridges and churches which attest his reputation and skill.

I hung the receiver up again, wondering what business could fetch Jack Bridges round at that time of the evening to see me.

The town is built on both sides of the Clyde, which is crossed by fine stone bridges, but seven-eighths of it lie on the north.

Then it came to my mind in a flash that the parchment was nothing else than human skin, and Richard Bridges' skin at that.

I like sus-sus-pen-sheen bridges that fly from bank to bank, with one big step, like a gang-plank.


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