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/ briːfs /

plural noun

  1. men's underpants or women's pants without legs

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Example Sentences

From the start, Protess and his students were doing more than reading legal briefs.

Sometimes when a woman asks him to sign her briefs, it turns out she's still wearing them.

Burt is part of an informal, unpaid foreign policy team who regularly briefs Paul on international issues.

One afternoon at 5:30 p.m., we sit in the dining room as Doug briefs the staff about the evening special: Hawaiian pink snapper.

But these briefs are serious in tone even though Ilya is funny in person.

In the preparation of briefs and in oral arguments before the Supreme Court, Fitch was the superior.

Diamonds had become more to him than either briefs or pleadings.

At Court he got no briefs, but his fellowship enabled him to live by practising economy.

"It is as much as saying, he 'll enter into recognizances for an indefinite series of five-hundred-pound briefs," added O'Reilly.

Briefs gave him his dinner, the drama gave him his supper; his supper got to be the more substantial of the two.