bright spot

[ brahyt spot ]


  1. something that is positive or pleasant when most other things are not:

    As rough as this year has been, he notes that one bright spot has been the stock's dividend.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of bright spot1

First recorded in 1765–70
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Example Sentences

But in one bright spot, local government added 13,000 jobs in June, and has added 29,000 jobs in the past two months.

In recent years, Turkey has been a bright spot in the global economy.

One bright spot is that some rising Hispanic politicians are far more popular than their 2012 standard bearer.

Over the last few years, trade has been a bright spot in the U.S. economy.

Harden paced the team with six, but, as if to compensate for this one bright spot, he shot the ball at an abysmal 20 percent.

The Settlement was the bright spot in the lives of hundreds of young people and children.

Before the last letter of the first word was an apostrophe, but its single bright spot always appeared out of its proper order.

His respect for her was the one bright spot in his character, and even that was tarnished by a refined system of selfishness.

She hesitated for a moment; the red colour burned in one bright spot on her cheeks.

I shall always remember Virginia as a bright spot in my existence, as all others must or rather cannot be, as it were.





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