[ brij-it; especially for 1, 2 also bree-it ]

  1. Irish Mythology. a goddess of fire, fertility, agriculture, household arts, and wisdom, later associated with St. Brigid.

  2. Saint. Saint Brigid.

  1. a female given name.

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How to use Brigit in a sentence

  • Brigit, who had turned and was gazing across the lawn, looked at him without moving her head, a trick which is not at all English.

    The Halo | Bettina von Hutten
  • Meeting the new-comers at the door, Brigit shook hands with them and returned, with an aimless air peculiar to her, to the fire.

    The Halo | Bettina von Hutten
  • "Better late than never," chanted the whole party dissonantly, and room was made for the new-comer between Brigit and Yelverton.

    The Halo | Bettina von Hutten
  • Lady Brigit leaned back in her corner and surveyed the otherwise empty compartment with a sigh of relief.

    The Halo | Bettina von Hutten
  • Brigit Mead stood behind the heavy curtains by an open window and whispered the above reflections to herself.

    The Halo | Bettina von Hutten