[ bree-zheet; English bri-zheet ]


  1. a female given name, French form of Bridget.

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Example Sentences

There were a few moments when Luke interrupted her or talked for long stretches without engaging her, but Brigitte chalked it up to nerves and the potential lag time in their Internet connection.

Twenty years his senior, Brigitte Trogneux has grown children from a previous union.

Two of the better-known people on the panel were Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel.

Brigitte Bardot was only 15 when director Roger Vadim discovered her.

Lucas Nascimento channeled Brigitte Bardot in ‘Le Mépris’ for his Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Brigitte Höss lives quietly on a leafy side street in Northern Virginia.

This fact could not be disputed: Brigitte had been seen there, very early in the morning; and, extraordinary event!

Brigitte, who watched her movements, was uneasy when she did not reappear, and entering the room she found her dead.

Never in the nine-and-twenty years that Brigitte had been in his service had she heard such words from him!

Thanks to Chesnel's taste for delicate fare, Brigitte was found prepared to set an excellent meal before the Duchess.

Hearing me speak thus, Brigitte put down the child she was holding and sat down at the other end of the room.