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  1. another term for upbringing

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Example Sentences

I learned of Lewis because the players kept bringing up his name in the interviews I did with them.

The two spat back and forth, with Allen bringing up Hopkins' affair with a married colleague.

I think race has something to do with the fact that they are not bringing up an immigration bill.

What on earth is Rand Paul thinking, bringing up Monica Lewinsky?

One is on bringing up children, another on old age, another on health … I do the chapters one at a time.

Then they trailed across the flat toward me, MacRae blandly bringing up the rear.

And have you lived to see thirty, and never learnt that men don't count for anything in the bringing up of infants?

But Colt tried to prolong the contest by bringing up a voter an hour.

They might beat government on different clauses; but all that was done in the committee might be undone on bringing up the report.

"We've got trouble enough here without you bringing up ideas like this," the captain continued angrily.





bring inbring into line