[ bree-uh-let; French bree-aw-let ]
/ ˌbri əˈlɛt; French bri ɔˈlɛt /

noun, plural bri·o·lettes [bree-uh-lets; French bree-aw-let] /ˌbri əˈlɛts; French bri ɔˈlɛt/.

any pear-shaped gem having its entire surface cut with triangular facets.

Origin of briolette

1860–65; < French, variant of brillolette, itself alteration (by association with brillant diamond) of brignolette literally, little dried plum (facetious coinage), equivalent to brignole (after Brignoles in Provence, where the plums are dried) + -ette -ette Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for briolette


/ (ˌbriːəʊˈlɛt) /


a pear-shaped gem cut with long triangular facets

Word Origin for briolette

C19: from French, alteration of brillolette, from brignolette little dried plum, after Brignoles, France, where these plums are produced
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