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[ brisk-lee ]


  1. in a quick, active, or vigorous way:

    Health experts recommend walking briskly for at least 30 minutes a day.

    Faroese music seems to sell briskly in Iceland.

  2. in a sharp and stimulating way:

    The wind was blowing briskly as we started out on our early morning hike.

  3. in an abrupt or curt way:

    When we finally finished eating, the irritated guards briskly yanked away our trays and stormed out.

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Example Sentences

If rates may remain low for a long time, it probably means demand for capital is weak because companies, and hence the economy, are running in place instead of briskly expanding.

From Fortune

The thread gained more than 25,000 retweets in a few hours on Thursday and continues to be shared at a brisk pace.

This year, the stores are seeing far less tourist traffic than is typical in normally tourist-heavy Reykjavík, but an online store launched in 2019 has been doing brisk business with sweater-buyers around the world.

Winds remain brisk overnight as we dry out, and lows range through the 30s.

I envisioned him walking briskly, with his floppy hair, into our class, as though he had gone off on vacation and simply forgot to let us know.

As he walked briskly into the Situation Room last Wednesday, he characteristically wasted little time on small talk.

Three Cups of Tea no longer appears on the New York Times bestseller list, but it continues to sell briskly.

Canada's housing prices have been rising briskly--until now.

There is an automatism to him, a preternatural talent for responding exactly, and briskly, with what is expected.

Both wines are selling briskly, and both women hint at expansion plans.

Garnache bowed to the lady, who returned his greeting by an inclination of the head, and his keen eyes played briskly over her.

He walked briskly down the avenue, and Hedges stood looking after him, slightly puzzled in his mind.

On this errand he departed, wrapped tightly in his cloak, walking briskly through the now heavier rain.

They were at no great distance off; and, as they walked pretty briskly, they soon arrived at Chertsey.

Just raise the fees and we can pay the higher rent, remarked another girl, briskly.


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