/ (ˈbrɪtəlnɪs) /

  1. the quality of being brittle

  2. metallurgy the tendency of a metal to break without being significantly distorted or exposed to a high level of stress: Compare toughness (def. 2), softness (def. 2)

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How to use brittleness in a sentence

  • This serves to temper them, and take off their brittleness; great care here too must be taken of the degree of heat.

  • Both of these materials, however, make the yarn brittle, and other ingredients are combined with them to overcome the brittleness.

    Textiles | William H. Dooley
  • The earlier tungsten lamps were very fragile, owing to the brittleness of the filament.

  • You seem to have had a sort of inkling about my brittleness when you were here.

  • It does not affect the hardness, but increases the elastic limit and reduces the brittleness of the steel.