/ (ˈsɒftnɪs) /

  1. the quality or an instance of being soft

  2. metallurgy the tendency of a metal to distort easily: See brittleness (def. 2), toughness (def. 2)

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How to use softness in a sentence

  • Liszt gave it with a velvety softness, clearness, brilliancy and pearliness of touch that was inimitable.

  • The white light of the moon had fallen upon the world like the mystery and the softness of sleep.

  • He seemed to recall a state of lush, sybaritic softness, in pre-silicate times.

  • The wind had slightly reddened her pale skin: her expression was one of great animation, yet of great softness.

    Marriage la mode | Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • King OLeary strode into the room over the grateful softness underneath.

    The Woman Gives | Owen Johnson