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[ brohch ]


  1. Machinery. an elongated, tapered, serrated cutting tool for shaping and enlarging holes.
  2. a spit for roasting meat.
  3. a gimlet for tapping casks.
  4. (in a lock) a pin receiving the barrel of a key.
  5. Also broach spire. Architecture. an octagonal spire rising directly from a tower without any intervening feature.
  6. Masonry. a pointed tool for the rough dressing of stone.

verb (used with object)

  1. to enlarge and finish with a broach.

    Synonyms: advance, submit, propose, introduce

  2. to mention or suggest for the first time:

    to broach a subject.

  3. to draw (beer, liquor, etc.), as by tapping:

    to broach beer from a keg.

  4. to tap or pierce.
  5. Masonry. to shape or dress (a block of stone).

verb (used without object)

  1. Nautical. (of a sailing vessel) to veer to windward.
  2. to break the surface of water; rise from the sea, as a fish or a submarine.



/ brəʊtʃ /


  1. nautical usually foll by to to cause (a sailing vessel) to swerve sharply and dangerously or (of a sailing vessel) to swerve sharply and dangerously in a following sea, so as to be broadside to the waves



/ brəʊtʃ /


  1. tr to initiate (a topic) for discussion

    to broach a dangerous subject

  2. tr to tap or pierce (a container) to draw off (a liquid)

    to broach wine

    to broach a cask

  3. tr to open in order to begin to use

    to broach a shipment

  4. intr to break the surface of the water

    the trout broached after being hooked

  5. tr machinery to enlarge and finish (a hole) by reaming


  1. a long tapered toothed cutting tool for enlarging holes
  2. a spit for roasting meat, etc
  3. a roof covering the corner triangle on the top of a square tower having an octagonal spire
  4. a pin, forming part of some types of lock, that registers in the hollow bore of a key
  5. a tool used for tapping casks
  6. See brooch
    a less common spelling of brooch

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Derived Forms

  • ˈbroacher, noun

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Other Words From

  • broach·er noun
  • un·broached adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of broach1

1175–1225; (noun) Middle English broche < Anglo-French, Old French < Vulgar Latin *brocca spike, horn, tap of a cask ( Medieval Latin broca ), noun use of feminine of Latin adj. brocc ( h ) us projecting (said of teeth); (v.) Middle English brochen < Old French broch ( i ) er, derivative of the noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of broach1

C18: perhaps from broach 1in obsolete sense of turn on a spit

Origin of broach2

C14: from Old French broche , from Vulgar Latin brocca (unattested), from Latin brochus projecting

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Example Sentences

Gaga wanted us to pay attention, and she did it by pinching and stretching other words throughout the anthem, as well as donning a spectacular outfit, which included a golden dove broach that appeared to be life size.

Woven into the very fabric of its characters, Masters uses sex to broach bigger topics.

CEO Mark Thompson for his advice on how she should broach the subject with Baquet and try to get his assent.

White was unafraid to broach the notion that life is not only mysterious but sometimes completely inexplicable.

Some of his supporters remain so passionate that the subject can be difficult to broach.

Now as always, Republicans need bipartisan cover to broach the subject of serious budget cutting.

From the use of a similar instrument to tap casks, comes "to broach" or "tap" a cask.

Again and again I asked myself this question, but I dared not broach it to my relatives.

To broach a pipe, pierce it with an auger or gimlet, four fingers- breadth over the lower rim, so that the dregs may not rise.

An application was at once determined on to her, and Stead was employed to broach the subject to the diviner.

He stood like one in a dream, unable to decide how to broach the subject that had brought him there.


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