[ brawd-beyst ]


  1. involving participation or support by a broad spectrum of things or people:

    The senator had a broad-based campaign.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of broad-based1

broad base + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

This is exactly the kind of broad based, democratic support the Yellowstone grizzly deserves.

No broad-based federal entitlement program has ever been eliminated.

Intelligent design (ID) and creationism lack this broad-based evidentiary support.

For the sake of our novel experiment in broad-based multiracial democracy, I hope they reject the Cathie Adamses of their party.

Others wanted to support a political process to build a broad-based national unity government.

The strain intended for the broad-based, strong-fibred lungs is kept on the delicate vocal chords, palate and throat.

But, it should be no lip unity, nor bunia unity it should be a unity broad based on a recognition of the heart.

This wide-open door and this broad-based programme the United Irish League offered.

This is a broad-based family combination, that ought to make us, each in his way, irresistible.

Form and size: A large tree with a broad-based pyramidal head, and a trunk conspicuously tapering toward the apex.





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