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, Nautical.
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For years, fewer and fewer people have tuned into traditional TV, while TV networks have asked for more and more money from advertisers who continue to crave the big screen’s broad reach.

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That broad reach of that channel helps lift up everything else.

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It has an amazing broad reach and garners a lot of attention for the advertising itself, which is unique.

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Obama himself has a broad reach, with 24 million Twitter followers and nearly 34 million likes on Facebook.

After a run from the west to east mark, they had a broad reach home in a fine breeze, 'Britannia' keeping bell-wether.

A broad reach on starboard followed, 'Vigilant' setting her balloon jib-topsail very smartly.

On a broad reach of the Potomac the new-risen moon spread a vast sheet of tin-foil of a crinkled sheen.

In turning an angle of the river, however, a broad reach stretched away before us.

Pre-eminently so on the boundless sea, and in lesser degree, but most enjoyable also, on this broad reach of inland water.


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