[ brawd-bil ]

  1. any of several small, often brightly colored passerine birds of the family Eurylaimidae, of the Old World tropics, having a broad, flattened bill2.

  2. any of various birds with a broad bill, as the scaup duck, shoveler, and spoonbill.

Origin of broadbill

First recorded in 1625–35; broad + bill2

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How to use broadbill in a sentence

  • It seems reasonable and fair to give notice that broadbill swordfish are not the only dangers to encounter at Avalon.

    Tales of Fishes | Zane Grey
  • That would not have mattered if I had not hurt my back in an eleven-hour fight with a giant broadbill swordfish.

  • The first broadbill I sighted had a skinned tail, and evidently had been in a battle of some kind.

    Tales of Fishes | Zane Grey
  • It was significant that the broadbill swordfish did not return to Avalon in 1918, as in former years.

    Tales of Fishes | Zane Grey
  • He quit, same as he quit the first day out, when I hooked the broadbill and the reel froze.

    Tales of Fishes | Zane Grey

British Dictionary definitions for broadbill


/ (ˈbrɔːdˌbɪl) /

  1. any passerine bird of the family Eurylaimidae, of tropical Africa and Asia, having bright plumage and a short wide bill

  2. US any of various wide-billed birds, such as the scaup and shoveler

  1. US another name for swordfish

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