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noun, plural broad·leaves [brawd-leevz] /ˈbrɔdˌlivz/.
  1. any of several cigar tobaccos having broad leaves.
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  1. broad-leaved.
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Origin of broadleaf

1750–60; back formation from broadleafed. See broad, leaf, -ed3
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Historical Examples of broadleaf

  • "Broadleaf," "deciduous," and "hardwood" trees are the same.

    The Principal Species of Wood: Their Characteristic Properties

    Charles H. (Charles Henry) Snow

  • The Pennsylvania leaf is also classed as Seed and Broadleaf.

    Tobacco Leaves

    W. A. Brennan

  • The two kinds of wood belong to needleleaf and broadleaf trees alike; but palms, owing to their manner of growth, have neither.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

  • Broadleaf Willow (Salix amplifolia), known also as feltleaf willow, was discovered in Alaska in 1899.

    American Forest Trees

    Henry H. Gibson

  • A village about 10 kilometers southwest of Matas Romero; transition between scrub forest and broadleaf hardwood forest .

British Dictionary definitions for broadleaf


noun plural -leaves
  1. any tobacco plant having broad leaves, used esp in making cigars
  2. Also called: kapuka, papauma, puka NZ an evergreen tree with large glossy leaves
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