[ brawd-lee ]
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  1. across a wide area:Seismologists say the earthquake was broadly felt because the hard granite in the area of the epicenter strongly conducts ground motion.

  2. to a great extent; widely: Which of these principles and values do you think are the most broadly shared by your neighbors?

  1. to a similar extent; generally: Production is expected to be broadly in line with last year’s, setting us up for another record harvest.

  2. in a widely diffused or bright manner:The curtains opened, revealing several characters milling about on a broadly lit stage.

  3. in a way that is not limited, narrow, or overly specific: Network-connected computers are broadly categorized as either servers or workstations.

  4. in a plain, clear, or bold manner:She knew immediately that the broadly scrawled handwriting on the note was her brother’s.Most of the people in these photographs are grinning broadly and looking directly into the camera.

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