US brocatel

/ (ˌbrɒkəˈtɛl) /

  1. a heavy brocade with the design in deep relief, used chiefly in upholstery

  2. a type of variegated marble from France and Italy

Origin of brocatelle

C17: from French, from Italian broccatello, diminutive of broccato brocade

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How to use brocatelle in a sentence

  • She brought us one of her corsets to look at, a love of a corset, in brocatelle, all over many-colored flowers.

    Jacqueline, Complete | (Mme. Blanc) Th. Bentzon
  • The partitions were hidden under rich tapestries of poppy-coloured Venetian brocatelle with handsome designs in green and gold.

    The Knight of Malta | Eugene Sue