[ broh-dee ]

noun(sometimes initial capital letter)Slang.
  1. a suicidal or daredevil leap; wild dive: to do a brodie from a high ledge.

  2. a complete failure; flop.

  1. a severe vehicular skid.

  2. a sharp reversal in a vehicle's direction by sudden application of the brakes and wrenching of the steering wheel.

Origin of brodie

After Steve Brodie, who claimed that he jumped from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1886

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How to use brodie in a sentence

  • According to the literal meaning, it would seem that the Laird of brodie was something less than a gentleman?

  • Maria and Lady brodie appeared, quite ready, but had to abide for a long time till the Bishop had arrived and arrayed himself.

    Edward Hoare, M.A. | Edward Hoare
  • For just a moment Miss brodie's courage faltered as she observed her uncle's figure stiffen.

    Corporal Cameron | Ralph Connor
  • The book went crashing against the door-frame just as Miss brodie was about to enter.

    Corporal Cameron | Ralph Connor
  • "And so would any woman worth her salt if she loved her husband," cried Miss brodie with great emphasis.

    Corporal Cameron | Ralph Connor