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broken heart


  1. devastating sorrow, especially from disappointment in love; heartbreak:

    When you're young, you think you'll never recover from a broken heart.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of broken heart1

First recorded in 1825–35
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Example Sentences

And, fundamentally, it’s a poignant portrait of a broken heart.

From Vox

They then moved in front of the casket, surrounded by nearly a dozen of floral arrangements, including one in the shape of a broken heart and another a Terp, to honor Miller’s beloved alma mater, the University of Maryland.

President, you have known the breach of economic struggle in your childhood and the breach of a broken heart.

From Time

Most people mend a broken heart by bingeing on ice cream or rom-coms.

I was moping around the house trying to heal a broken heart.

If my broken heart was to blame, it has taken its bitter time, acting stealthily.

A recent study shows a correlation between natural disasters and “broken heart syndrome.”

A French journalist named Vincent moves to Lisbon to escape the source of his broken heart, a woman named Irene.

Except Dee Dee—a 40-something New Yorker with a cynical and hopeless broken heart—has no epiphany.

But its nickname is much more evocative: Broken Heart Syndrome.

He will die of a broken heart, and will plead against me at the judgment-seat.

Witness his conception, in The Broken Heart, of a loveless marriage as tantamount to adultery.

Nor did he support exile with dignity; he languished like Cicero when doomed to a similar fate, and died of a broken heart.

His parents died within a month of each other—one by the hand of violence, the other of a broken heart.

For a moment she thought of suicide, then the reflection that it would be set down to a broken heart arrested her.





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