broken water


, Oceanography.
  1. a patch of water whose surface is rippled or choppy, usually surrounded by relatively calm water.

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Example Sentences

They are the ones with the broken water pipes, the ones freezing in their homes.

The amount depends on the person's financial situation, but even if they have credit card debt, they still need to set aside funds for a broken water heater, new tires or whatever.

Vain indeed must be our attempt to describe the awful aspect, the mad music, the fearful violence of “broken water” on the Break!

As they entered the broken water Jack was obliged to take a step back and hold on to the mast.

It was nasty work when we anchored in broken water near the wreck, and she jumped about so I thought the mast would have gone.

Round she came, hustling through the broken water of the bar, till her nose was south and the wind was on the starboard bow.

The Maggie was resting easily on the beach, with the broken water from the long lazy combers surging well up above her water line.


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