/ ˈbrɒnzɪŋ /


  1. blue pigment producing a metallic lustre when ground into paint media at fairly high concentrations
  2. the application of a mixture of powdered metal or pigments of a metallic lustre, and a binding medium, such as gold size, to a surface

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Example Sentences

A comprehensive skin-care routine, whitening eye drops, lip balm, concealer, and a bronzing gel.

Detroiters, now erecting a Robocop statue as a half-joking, half-serious morale boost, may want to consider bronzing Mulally next.

She looked at her hands; as she dipped them in the brook nearly all the bronzing of Morgiana had washed away.

Bronzing is that process by which figures of plaster-of-paris, wood, &c. are made to have the appearance of copper or brass.

Already his face had grown haggard underneath the bronzing of his sea voyage.

Bronzing is the latest improvement in wax work, and if properly made cannot be detected from the most expensive, artistic bronze.

Green, fire, and copper bronzing should have a light background; silver and gold bronzing should have a dark background.





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