[ brook-hey-vuhn ]


  1. a town in SW Mississippi.

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Example Sentences

The muon g-2 experiment began taking data in 2017, with a collaboration of veterans from the Brookhaven experiment and a new generation of physicists.

The new results, from the first year of data at Fermilab, are in line with the measurement from the Brookhaven experiment.

The Brookhaven anomaly loomed ever larger in physicists’ psyches as other searches for new particles failed.

Brookhaven’s measurement overshot the prediction by nearly three times its supposed margin of error, known as a three-sigma deviation.

A year after Brookhaven’s headline-making measurement, theorists spotted a mistake in the prediction.

General Maxey's brigade, about 5000 strong, was near Brookhaven, and was marching east when I was there.

In the little town of Brookhaven, Miss., there were two lynchings in the first eight weeks of 1908.

Now they had telegraphed again, to Brookhaven, and thanks to the post-quartermaster, were going down there at once on this train.

Keep this road to Hazlehurst and then go down the main Brookhaven road till you overtake him.

The conscript camp was at Brookhaven, and every man had been ordered to report there or to be treated as a deserter.