[ brou-er; Flemish, Dutch brou-wuhr ]


  1. A·dri·aen [ah, -d, r, ee-ahn], 1606?–38, Flemish painter.
  2. Luit·zen Eg·ber·tus Jan [loit, -s, uh, n e, kh, -, ber, -t, uh, s yahn], 1881–1966, Dutch mathematician and philosopher.

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Example Sentences

Brouwer says that if producers could use existing natural-gas pipelines as a distribution network, they could profitably build more electrolyzers in remote areas that are particularly windy or sunny.

Brouwer makes the case that a sustainable future is simply impossible without relying heavily on hydrogen.

Blocking hydrogen blending is a serious obstacle, according to Brouwer.

Born and died at Haerlem, he painted country scenes in the style of Steen and Brouwer.

A Dutch friend of mine, by name Brouwer, killed a boa twenty-two feet long with a pair of stag's horns in his mouth.

It was the first street to be laid with cobble-stones , and so came by its name, which originally had been Brouwer Street.

He also engraved in mezzotinto after Brouwer, Schalken, and others.

Like Brouwer, Ostade wandered about the towns and country, finding his models in the taverns and cottages.





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