[ brou-der ]


  1. Earl Russell, 1891–1973, U.S. Communist Party leader 1930–45.

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Example Sentences

SDPD also strengthened its requirements for body-worn cameras – which Browder failed to turn on before making contact – after the Nehad shooting.

The district attorney’s office, at every turn, blamed Nehad’s actions – not Browder’s – for his death.

Browder, as it turns out, was not reprimanded over the shooting.

Browder arrived on the scene without turning his police lights on or identifying himself as a police officer, and shot Nehad in fewer than five seconds.

While Team 4 agrees that while Officer Browder’s use of deadly force therefore appears to be within policy, Team 4 has questions regarding whether it was necessary to fire as quickly as he did.

Late in 1956, a federal ruling, Browder v. Gayle, declared segregated buses unconstitutional.

But neither Magnitsky nor Browder himself imagined the extent of the corruption in the Putin regime.

“The only way to get justice is to patient and persistent and tenacious,” Browder says.

The friend referred Browder to his former colleagues, who decided the case would be best handled by the feds.

Browder describes these targeted Manhattan properties as “just the tip of a huge iceberg.”