brown paper


  1. a coarse unbleached paper used for wrapping
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Example Sentences

He kept it in a brown paper bag stashed in the bathroom of his office.

I remember how we had to reuse the wrinkled brown paper lunch bags with our names on them week after week.

A homeless-looking Santa wandered around carrying booze in a brown paper bag.

I pushed myself against a big concrete support beam that had been wrapped in heavy brown paper and took a breath.

Ameca Reali and Adrienne Wheeler held up letters from Louisiana prisoners scribbled on brown paper towels.

If you cannot bear the cigar in your mouth—aye, and enjoy it—you have no business with it: go back to your brown paper and cane!

He rushed to a shop, bought two or three sheets of brown paper and a lot of wafers.

Is it the brown paper of the nature and character you described yesterday that you get at the market and have in a roll?

Yes; they were stored in the garage, wrapped in loose brown paper.

He was particularly interested in the wrapping, was the wrapping still there, the brown paper.





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