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brush up


  1. troften foll byon to refresh one's knowledge, skill, or memory of (a subject)
  2. to make (a person or oneself) tidy, clean, or neat as after a journey


  1. the act or an instance of tidying one's appearance (esp in the phrase wash and brush-up )

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Example Sentences

We were able to really have our souls brush up against each other in a very intimate—and scary—way.

Buy a hard hat and brush up on your rules for workplace safety.

I brush up against the hard length of his cock and he lets out a low moan.

If he does run, I'd advise him to brush up on his American history pretty quickly.

Brush up on your sign language with this awesome ASL cover of “Bad Romance.”

I had me uniform to brush up an' me soord to polish,' says Father Kelly. '

Open the windows of rooms on first floor, brush up the floor and the halls, and sweep off the front steps.

Brush up the drawing-room or go over the floor with a carpet-sweeper, wipe up the hard-wood floors, and dust the rooms.

Anyhow, you are ducks, and I shall leave the young couple alone, and have a wash and brush-up.

Is he not quite sure to brush up against a branch as he does so, causing the leaves to rustle?