or brusk

[ bruhsk; especially British broosk ]
/ brʌsk; especially British brʊsk /


abrupt in manner; blunt; rough: A brusque welcome greeted his unexpected return.

Origin of brusque

1595–1605; < Middle French < Italian brusco rough, tart, special use of brusco (noun) butcher's broom < Late Latin brūscum, for Latin rūscus, rūscum, perhaps conflated with Vulgar Latin *brūcus heather (see brier2)

Related forms

brusque·ly, adverbbrusque·ness, noun

Synonym study

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British Dictionary definitions for brusque


/ (bruːsk, brʊsk) /


blunt or curt in manner or speech

Derived Forms

brusquely, adverbbrusqueness or rare brusquerie (ˈbruːskərɪ), noun

Word Origin for brusque

C17: from French, from Italian brusco sour, rough, from Medieval Latin bruscus butcher's broom
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