abbreviation for

  1. Bachelor of Sacred Literature.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Law.
  3. Bachelor of Science in Linguistics.



abbreviation for

  1. British Sign Language



abbreviation for

  1. below sea level

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Example Sentences

The BSL-3 labs were originally planned for Los Alamos in 2001 and the facility to house them was built in 2003.

The report said officials at one of the agencies said it was planning to build its own BSL-3 facility in the next two years.


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More About BSL

What does B.S.L. mean?

BSL is an abbreviation for several terms, such as Bachelor of Sacred Literature, Bachelor of Science in Law, Bachelor of Science in Linguistics, and British Sign Language.

Abbreviations can be used in both speech and writing, and you may find BSL in both. In more formal writing, it is common to use the spelled-out form first and use the abbreviation afterwards, ensuring the reader knows what the abbreviation means.

BSL can also be spelled as B.S.L. Whether the periods are included may depend on the writing style followed.

Example: The biggest difference between BSL and ASL is the way the letters of the alphabet are signed.

Where does BSL come from?

The first records of the abbreviation BSL for British Sign Language come from around the 1970s.

Many times, whether an abbreviation is in capital or lowercase letters will change what the abbreviation stands for. When an abbreviation is in all capital letters (called an initialism), each letter represents an entire word or sometimes an important part of the word, and often it’s the first letter in the word, as with BSL. The similarly spelled Bs/L (note the lowercase s) is an abbreviation for bills of lading. The s indicates there is more than one bill of lading. If there is only one, the abbreviation would be B/L. A bill of lading is a receipt or agreement from a shipment company confirming that it accepted goods for shipping, such as with trucking companies.

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What are some other forms related to BSL?

  • B.S.L. (alternative spelling)

What are some words that often get used in discussing BSL?

How is BSL used in real life?

BSL is likely to be used in academic writing when referring to an academic degree.


Try using BSL!

Which of the following is NOT a full form of the abbreviation BSL?

A. British Sign Language
B. Bachelor of Science in Law
C. Bachelor of Sacred Literature
D. Bachelor’s Sailing License