[ byoo-sef-uh-luh s ]
/ byuˈsɛf ə ləs /


the horse used by Alexander the Great on most of his military campaigns.

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/ (bjuːˈsɛfələs) /


the favourite horse of Alexander the Great

Word Origin for Bucephalus

C17: from Latin, from Greek Boukephalos, from bous ox + kephalē head

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Word Origin and History for bucephalus


Alexander the Great's favorite horse, from Greek Boukephalos, literally "Ox-head," from bous "ox" (see cow (n.)) + kephale "head" (see cephalo-).

Men called [him] Bucephalus ... of the marke or brand of a buls head, which was imprinted vpon his shoulder. [Pliny, I.220, tr. Holland, 1601]
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