/ ˈbʌkˌhɔːn /


    1. horn from a buck, used for knife handles, etc
    2. ( as modifier )

      a buckhorn knife

  1. Also calledbuck's horn plantain a Eurasian plant, Plantago coronopus , having leaves resembling a buck's horn: family Plantaginaceae

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Example Sentences

Earlier in the week, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn defended deploying 3,500 law-enforcement officers to secure the city.

“We have contingency plan after contingency plan,” says Buckhorn.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn says his city employees are prepared in cases of emergency.

Bill Buckhorn heard him, stopped him, looked him over searchingly.

Buckhorn struggled to his feet, keeping a suspicious eye on Solomon all the while.

And deep under the fallen mass, covered by tons and tons of compact debris, was the crushed body of Hiram Buckhorn.

So we'll have to get a hundred-weight, guaranteed strictly uninhabited, when we team into Buckhorn.

By eight o'clock we were in the metropolis of Buckhorn and busy gathering up our things there.





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