[ buhk-lee ]


  1. William F., Jr., 1925–2008, U.S. writer and editor.

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According to Swalwell communications director Jessica Gail, Buckley was reeling from the fact that the congressman had just days earlier referenced him in a tweet bashing his Fox News host father.

Seeing how changes in the spots affects all of the jobs that they do is important, Buckley says.

Federal officials acknowledge the urgency of the problem Buckley’s group and others are trying to address.

Buckley told Goldwater, according to Judis, that the John Birch Society was a “menace” to the conservative movement.

Buckley kept up his attack, publishing a 14-page special section critical of the Birchers in the National Review in October 1965.

Making the progressive case for reversing Citizens United and even Buckley requires deep thought about the path forward.

Buckley identified what may have been a legitimate problem in the mid-1960s.

Among his victims: Buckley, AP correspondent Terry Anderson and erstwhile hostage negotiator who became a hostage, Terry Waite.

He met and married fellow student Diana Buckley while getting an MBA from the University of Denver.

The MRC was founded in 1987 by conservative activist Brent Bozell, the nephew of National Review founder William F. Buckley.

Weschcke, Sherwood and Buckley, according to these reports, are hardy.

Buckley swore out a peace warrant against Branson—he swore that his life was in danger.

Buckley ought to have killed that bull long ago—that's the second time he's gone on a rampage.

The bull dead, Pawnee Brown called Buckley up and gave him a lecture for not having killed the vicious beast long ago.

A Welshman named Buckley was then suggested, but though his application was ratified he never left Europe.





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