[ buhk-ner ]

  1. Simon Bol·i·var [bol-uh-ver], /ˈbɒl ə vər/, 1823–1914, U.S. Confederate general and politician.

  2. his son, Simon Bolivar, Jr., 1886–1945, U.S. general.

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How to use Buckner in a sentence

  • And Tom Buckner, he finally sold all he owned in that part of the country and moved further south.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • He looked the master of them all as he stood there, Colonel Tom Buckner did—straight and splendid and keen.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • The sense of what it would mean to kill Colonel Buckner was sinking into 'em, and showing on their faces.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • "I ca'culate that you have nevah had no experience in hotel work," pursued Mr. Buckner somewhat more graciously.