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[ buhks ]


  1. another name for Buckinghamshire.


/ bʌks /

abbreviation for

  1. Buckinghamshire

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Example Sentences

Lasry’s wife declined the shot because she is pregnant, so the Bucks executive received the vaccine so it would not go to waste.

The Bucks lost those two series for myriad reasons, including Mike Budenholzer’s minutes management, Eric Bledsoe’s seemingly annual playoff disappearing act, Giannis’s free-throw shooting and Giannis’s injury.

In each of the past two seasons, the Bucks have had the league’s best regular season record only to fall short of the NBA Finals.

With both Holiday and Bogdanovic, the Bucks could field arguably the best lineup in the league with Antetokounmpo, all-star forward Khris Middleton and center Brook Lopez.

Needless to say, the Bucks and their fans would have preferred to have Bogdanovic, whose size and shooting on the wing appeared to be a perfect fit for their starting lineup.

I was the kid making a tidy profit burning CDs for all my friends at two bucks a pop back during the Napster heyday in 2000.

Cryobanks, which screen for genetic disorders and STDs, cost big bucks; see here for some of the charges.

“We got 7,000 kids at ten bucks a head, and grossed $70,000,” Hirschhorn recalls.

Leonard: “Fifty thousand bucks was about what I was going to have to borrow, quick.”

Thousand bucks a movie, seventeen informative minutes in length.

The two old bucks ambled off to drink Lucy Warrender's health; they wished her well.

The absence of these indicated that the band was composed entirely of bucks, and bucks were likely to mean mischief.

The smallest roe-bucks are generally of a fallow colour, and the largest brown.

Over on the hill the bucks had arisen from their little fires of buffalo chips, and were watching.

Our hunters killed two fine bucks, both in uncommonly good condition for the season.