[ buhg-er, boo g- ]
/ ˈbʌg ər, ˈbʊg- /


verb (used with object)

Verb Phrases

bugger off, Chiefly British Slang. to depart; bug off.
bugger up, Chiefly British Slang. to ruin; spoil; botch.

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Compare sod3.

Origin of bugger

1300–50; Middle English bougre < Anglo-French bugre < Medieval Latin Bulgarus heretic, literally, Bulgarian, by association of the Balkans with heretical sects such as the Bogomils and their alleged deviant sexual practices; def. 1 perhaps by reanalysis as bug1 or bug2 + -er1 (cf. booger)

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British Dictionary definitions for bugger off

bugger off


(intr, adverb) British slang to go away; depart


/ (ˈbʌɡə) /




slang an exclamation of annoyance or disappointment

Word Origin for bugger

C16: from Old French bougre, from Medieval Latin Bulgarus Bulgarian; from the condemnation of the dualist heresy rife in Bulgaria from the tenth century to the fifteenth

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Word Origin and History for bugger off
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Idioms and Phrases with bugger off

bugger off

see bug off.

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