[ bwee-sohn ]

  1. Fer·di·nand É·douard [fer-dee-nahney-dwar], /fɛr diˈnɑ̃ eɪˈdwær/, 1841–1932, French statesman and educator: Nobel Peace Prize 1927.

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How to use Buisson in a sentence

  • Thus, you had warned M. Buisson that he might have to go to Bellevue and spend the night there?

    My Memoirs | Marguerite Steinheil
  • But that night she had of course to await M. Buisson's arrival.

    My Memoirs | Marguerite Steinheil
  • They went down to the fields, strewn with clumps of trees, and at the end of which was the little wood called Joli-Buisson.

    The Prussian Terror | Alexandre Dumas
  • He brought two of Buisson's coats and all his finest linen He brought his pretty gold toilet-set,—a present from his mother.

    Eugenie Grandet | Honore de Balzac
  • The concierge had recognized the visitor as Armand Buisson, of the police bureau at Nice.

    Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo | William Le Queux