Botany. Also bul·bel [buhl-buh l, -bel] /ˈbʌl bəl, -bɛl/. bulblet.
Mycology. a rounded mass of fungus cells resembling a sclerotium but of simpler organization, most commonly produced by certain basidiomycetes.

Origin of bulbil

1825–35; < New Latin bulbillus, equivalent to Latin bulb(us) bulb + -illus diminutive suffix
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Historical Examples of bulbil

  • A swollen bud or bulbil in this situation is not uncommon in some cultivated tulips and lilies.

    Vegetable Teratology

    Maxwell T. Masters

British Dictionary definitions for bulbil


bulbel (ˈbʌlbəl)


a small bulblike organ of vegetative reproduction growing in leaf axils or on flower stalks of plants such as the onion and tiger lily
any small bulb of a plant
any small bulblike structure in an animal

Word Origin for bulbil

C19: from New Latin bulbillus, from Latin bulbus bulb
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